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Are you on the cusp of something new?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

My dad and I sat in our fishing boat with our gaze switching from our bobbers to a waterfall, from our bobbers to a waterfall.

We were in a beautiful bay in Canada on a week long fishing trip. This bay had a waterfall and we had been told that we could drive our boat up the waterfall (yes, I said UP the waterfall!) where there were more lakes, less “fisher-people,” and likely bigger fish.

I could tell that my dad was weighing his options. Could we make it up the waterfall in our little boat with 15 horsepower outboard motor?

We didn’t talk about the waterfall or the other lakes. We fished. And when the fish didn’t bite, our focus rotated between our still bobbers and the enticing waterfall.

The following day we found ourselves fishing in the same bay. You know, the one with the waterfall. How did that happen?

Finally, my dad asked, “Do you think we should try it?” To which I replied, “I don’t know, you’re the one driving the boat.”

Next thing I knew, we were reeling in our poles and securing them. We put on our life jackets and turned around our hats. We rearranged our gear to balance the weight. If our small fishing boat had seat belts, we would have put those on too.

I remember watching my dad line the boat up to face the waterfall. I remember seeing his knuckles tense up as he cranked the throttle. Then I looked forward.

What I didn’t tell you…it wasn’t a tall waterfall. It was only a few feet high and a few feet wide. But the water, it rushed through the small opening with the force of 20 fire hydrants.

My hands gripped the gunwales. I felt the boat start up the waterfall. And then it seemed to stop. Right on the crest of the waterfall! It stopped long enough for me to think, “WE’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!”

Before I could think another word, we popped over the waterfall! Just like that, we were off to a new adventure.

What adventure awaits you?

How long have you been vacillating between a “still bobber” and an “enticing waterfall”?

What’s next for you?

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