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Does your life feel like a maze?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The Contest

My daughter and I excitedly put our card in the machine to get a time stamp. Then we cheered! Who would have thought we would beat them?

Our family was in Rapid City, South Dakota having a contest at The Maze. My husband and son versus me and my daughter.

To complete the maze we had to find four stations, stamp a card at each, and then find the exit. Each station was raised so you could get a bird’s eye view of the maze while at the station.

Fortunately, Emma and I quickly found our first station. After hitting several dead ends, we found our second; and then we had a lucky break which enabled us to get to the other side of the maze where the last two stations were located. We finished in record time!

The View from Above

Emma and I climbed up to the viewer area to watch Brad and Noah. There was only one passageway to get from one side of the maze to the other and they couldn’t find it. We watched as they hit dead end after dead end. After repeating a few dead ends, they found their way back to a station they had been to and studied the course from above. We watched them hold their fingers in the air tracing different paths, then race down to try to run the path they planned. Sometimes their plan didn’t work, and they had to go back up to the station and study the landscape again. They persevered, however, and found the passageway to the other side and completed the maze. Tired, hot, and sweaty.

Does your life feel like a maze?

Have you hit a few dead ends this year?

Are you wearing yourself out?

If you said "yes" to any of these, likely you’re feeling frustrated, stuck, or discouraged. I’ve been there. You know something needs to change, but you just aren’t sure what or how. Continuing to try the same things isn’t working. If only you could get up on a “station” and see your life from a different perspective! Get clarity on where you are going. And chart a new plan to get there.

You’re Brave

If you’re still reading this blog, chances are you’re taking the brave step of looking at your life. Honestly, candidly, hopefully. I applaud you. Too many people let life just happen to them. And many others just keep walking in the maze hoping something will work out.

Would you like to get a bird’s eye view of your life?

Choose a new destination?

Make some doable plans to get there?

Start with something easy. Schedule a Complimentary Coaching Call and experience what Life Coaching is like. It’s a great way to:

· expand your life perspective

· revisit what really is important to you

· gain clarity about what’s next

Don’t you want to find out if the way out of the maze is closer than you think?

Try my free Mini Course – Five Simple Strategies to Step Forward.

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