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About Me

For over 15 years I designed and facilitated leadership training courses for business leaders, public school educators, addiction recovery counselors, pastors and youth pastors, young leaders, missionaries, and marriage counselors.  I helped hundreds of leaders improve their management and leadership skills and attitudes. 

As an Instructional Designer, I’ve studied how and why people learn and change. 


Bottom line… we grow the most when our learning:

  • is driven by what's relevant to us

  • is in the flow of our work/life

  • incorporates what we already know and have experienced

  • is in a safe, encouraging environment

  • can be applied immediately


My Life Coaching incorporates the best of adult learning theory to your work and life, helping you:

  • reflect productively,

  • experiment strategically,

  • and move forward intentionally.


Having worked for entrepreneurs, small business owners, ministries, and short stint at a fortune 500 company, I can empathize with a wide variety of work environments and their corresponding challenges and opportunities.

When we work together, I customize your experience by using tools and resources from these certifications:

  • Elite Life Coach

  • Scrum Product Owner

  • Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

Looking for an official bio?  

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About Me: About
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Just for Fun

Curious to know a little more about me?  ​


  • Lived in Iowa, Colorado, India and Minnesota (India was only for two months, but it was long enough to change my food palate!)

  • A favorite dream come true - backpacking adventures (7 and counting…)

  • Traveled to Italy for my honeymoon


  • A wife and a parent of two teenagers (and loving it!)

  • An imperfect, yet passionate, Jesus follower who daily seeks God’s perspective (If you are too, we can invite Him into our journey together.) 

  • Large extended family: 6 parents, 7 siblings (biological and step), and countless nieces and nephews.


  • Month-long family trip to Europe to rent a flat and experience life as a European and a tourist

  • Become a respite family for a single parent

  • Be more generous, like my mom

About Me: Text

Laura Praske

Life Coach | Leadership Coach | Relationship Coach 

I would love to hear your story!

About Me: About Me

In just one session with Laura, she was able to move me from feeling like I had way too many balls in the air to having clarity around which few items were truly a priority and why. I appreciated her ability to really hear what I was challenged with, and guide me through simple steps to identify what was most important today. I am much more confident that I will be successful due to the clear path that Laura helped me to identify.   -

I’m so glad I worked with Laura! She heard what I was saying and asked just the right questions to encourage me to dig deeper. Laura listened without judgment, created the room for me to figure out what I want and need, and helped me feel safe to explore where I want to go.  Tracey Browning

Aree, entrepreneur

Tracey, entrepreneur

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