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Next Coaching

Helping people embrace what’s next.

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Is this You?

Are you experiencing a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

Do you feel bogged down with cluttered thinking about your direction or priorities?

Do you feel stuck, longing for breakthroughs to perennial problems?

Do you struggle turning your dreams and ideas into reality?

Would you like to replace avoidance with confident action?


Is it time to give yourself permission to explore what's next?


To stop being a spectator of your dreams.


And start living them!


I can help you.

Visualize Possibilities
Clarify Direction
Explore Solutions
Create Winning Strategies
Take Confident Productive Steps
Improve Performance


Laura Praske

Life Coach | Leadership Coach | Relationship Coach

Helping you: 

  • reflect productively,

  • experiment strategically,

  • and move forward intentionally.


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