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Five Simple Strategies to Step Forward 

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Is right around the corner!

Some of us know what's next. 

Getting there is the hard part. 

For others, figuring out what's next doesn't come easy.

We step forward and then step back, or maybe don't step out at all. 

Fear of change, clouded vision, and false assumptions hold us captive.

Is it time to give yourself permission to explore what's next?

To stop being a spectator of your dreams.

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Is this You?

Are you experiencing a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

Do you feel bogged down with cluttered thinking about your direction or priorities?


Do you feel stuck, longing for breakthroughs to perennial problems?


Do you struggle turning your dreams and ideas into reality?


Would you like to replace avoidance with confident action?


And start living them!

I recommend Laura to anyone who needs a confidant and advisor for their future.  She has an uncanny ability to ask the questions that really make you think about where you are and what direction you need to take next. Laura is an excellent listener with the skills to help you put your thoughts in order.

In just a few sessions of working with Laura, we established authentic communication. She helped me develop a clear path to organizing my many thoughts and ideas about my business. Laura listens well and together we set a plan to address my responsibilities with the time I have.  The experience was  above and beyond what I could have asked for or imagined"

Debby, General Manager

Kathy, business owner

Laura Praske

Life Coach | Success Coach | Relationship Coach

I can help you:

  • reflect productively

  • experiment strategically

  • move forward intentionally

St. Paul, MN

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